Logo design.

Macallan shoes

A Coca-Cola lunchtime logo.

spot on guidelines

For Carling lager. Engraved on the bottom of thousands of pint glasses.

One Pot Pledge 9
For a charity that promoted growing your own vegetables.


For my children’s Junior school, near Foxham Gardens.


Two proposed logos for Reading & Leeds Festivals (I designed for the festival for 5 years).binary blogA record company logo made from zeros and ones.

new logos 2222222

A logo for a strange project for a design school in Paris.


Another fox, this time for a small company.


Part of a range of logos for the large recruitment company.


One of a range of bookshop logos.

LONDON 2 FIRST brief to design a logo for London; with and without strap-line.

SEG logos 110809

A Segway rallying company.

PrintA few book recycling signs.