Paintings. Commissions welcome.

I’ve been painting portraits since my teens.
There’s been three solo exhibitions and many group showings

This is a small selection of my more recent work.
Most are commissions.
There are also books made on the creation of these artworks.

Viv around eleven in the morning. Oil on canvas.


Claire in the Afternoon. Oil on canvas.


Ernest Hemingway, Pilar, Gulf Stream, Sun over the yard arm, 1947. Oil on canvas.

Ernest Hemingway Pilar Gulf stream Sun over the yard arm 1947 sm 060517

A triptych called WSM, Sunday Afternoons. Oil on canvas.


Information/Expression. This is a poster for a large exhibition of my work at the Mary Ward Centre, in Queens Square, London 2015.

InfoExpression Exhibiton Poster 1

Viewing/Making. This is the cover of a book of my life paintings.
These A0 sized works were made into a large concertina book that was shown as part of the Islington Exhibits festival.

Life Drawing Viewing_Making Cover.indd

See below for a review of the show. 

Ipad painting. Acrylic on canvas.
The painting references Joseph Wright of Derby.
Created for SqArt Digital v Craft exhibition at Golden Sq.


SC&L. Oil on canvas.

SC&L_final new blog

Winston Churchill 18061940. Oil on wood.
A large work with a lot of research went into it.


Ernest Shackleton. A commission. There is a book on the creation of this artwork.

Ernest Shackleton 130115 FINAL sm

AB Sunny Smile Spring Magnolia. A commission.

AB FINAL 120515

A self portrait.

Trevor Mill 40 42 45 sm