Books, catalogues & magazines

Here is a wide range of  work for varied clients.

tim-book 2
A book on the illustration of horses.

yerbury-spreads port
A school magazine. The photos of children have been replaced with colour blocks for privacy reasons. The blocks shows the grid well, so there is an upside.


paper portA large old style newspaper format promotional paper for my old advertising agency. Working with woodblock type was great fun.

Trevor Exhibition catalogue portA catalogue for one of my exhibitions. Made as if you were walking through the rooms.

leith-handbook1 copy portA small handbook based on a 1940’s pilot training manual.

thoroughbred_catalogue_2010-1 portA book on horseracing.

dog-brochure-catalogue-blog portAn exhibition catalogue on hunting art. Working with paintings is great fun, making a dialogue between them.

Jakebook for portfolioA photography book by Jake Polonsky.

Everris UK Brochure

To end with every spread from a large brochure aimed at green-keepers and groundsmen, hence the amount of grass colours.